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If you are coming to Edmonton RV Wars, doctor you will see several different types of RVs. Each type offers it’s own unique advantages, so take a look at the differences and pick the one that works for you! Tent Campers are easy to tow, perfect for a quick getaway and are one of your most reasonably priced options. Travel Trailers offer more space and almost the same range as a tent camper.

Fifth Wheels are more luxurious than a travel trailer, and they are also larger. They are harder to tow however because they offer you more options in space and floor plans. Toy Haulers are for the adventure enthusiasts. They have a compartment in the back that is meant to transport dirt-bikes, ATVs, or anything that you could have a fun time with.

The Class C or mini motor home has been very popular since the early ’70s. The class C’s have better fuel economy compared to the class A and better handling. However, they are not as spacious as their big sister. That being said, many modern day class C’s are becoming bigger and bigger. Class A Motor Coaches are basically just like a home with wheels. When compared to fifth wheels or travel trailers, it provides easy access to living quarters. Usually large with a boxlike shape, manufacturers can create unique floor plans to please a variety of customers.




RV Wars Forest River
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RV Wars Keystone

If you have been thinking about purchasing a new RV, now is your chance to score huge savings on top manufactures such as Forest River, Heartland, Keystone, and more. These RV manufacturers provide the best types on the market today. At the event you will find travel trailers, fifth wheels, tent trailers, campers, toy haulers and motorhomes brought to you by each RV manufacturer.

Don’t miss your chance to save on leading manufacturers and big names like Forest River, Jayco, and Keystone. Now is your chance to get yourself a high quality, luxury RV without paying a fortune. Come to 17303-100 Avenue for our RV Wars event. The war begins March 16th and ends on March 19th. This is the best deal you’ll get all year so don’t miss out!



RV Wars Avenger
RV Wars Breeze
RV Wars Clipper
RV Wars Columbus
RV Wars Flagstaff
RV Wars Viking

RV Wars Gulf Breeze
RV Wars Jayco
RV Wars Jayco Designer

RV Wars Eagle HT

RV Wars Eagle

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RV Wars Jay Feather

RV Wars Jay Flight

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RV Wars Octane

RV Wars Pinnacle

RV Wars Seismic

RV Wars Seismic

RV Wars Whitehawk
RV Wars atlante

RV Wars greyhawk

RV Wars Melbourne

RV Wars Precept

RV Wars Redhawk

RV Wars Crusader

RV Wars Passport

RV Wars Revere

RV Wars R-Pod

RV Wars Sanibel

RV Wars Spartan

RV Wars Aspen Trail

RV Wars Bullet

RV Wars Bullet
RV Wars Cougar

RV Wars LaCrosse
RV Wars Montana
RV Wars Springdale
RV Wars Sprinter

RV Wars Surveyor

RV Wars Shasta

RV Wars Tracer

RV Wars Tracer Air

RV Wars Seneca

RV Wars Vengeance

RV Wars Vengeance Touring

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RV Wars Flagstaff

RV Wars Impact

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RV Wars Premier

This Edmonton RV Wars will produce some of the most attractive and well known brands in the RV industry. Have a look for yourself below at all the great brands that will be on display. Brands like Avenger, Lacrosse, Viking, Springdale, Passport and more will be presented with great prices!

If you want to know the best RV for you and your crew, we would highly suggest getting to know these brands before attending the show. If you are unfamiliar with RV brands, allow us to help. Some brands are travel trailer specific like the Keystone Passport, while others are fifth-wheel specific such as the Forest River Wildcat. If you are looking for motorhomes, check out the brand Gateway by Heartland RVs. Whatever RV you have in mind, there will be numerous brands at Edmonton RV Wars to satisfy your wants and needs!